Guide to create hyper-segments in HubSpot

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Getting hyper-segments for the SaaS goals delivered into HubSpot is only a few steps away.

Glance converts your email contacts to high-value long-term customers. It helps you organize contacts by SaaS goals such as "acquire trialers", "convert-to-paid", "upsell", "prevent churn"
 and provides ready-made intelligent hyper-segments and content recommendations. This contextual marketing helps you increase the conversion rate for each goal dramatically while saving hours that will be otherwise spent on manual and intuition-based inefficient audience targeting.

Let us help you get integrated with HubSpot! Here is how:

1. Sign-up for Glance, if you don't have an account at
2. Once your email is verified and you log in, select HubSpot as the email marketing platform. Adding product analytics (Mixpanel) and billing (Stripe) is also highly recommended if you use them.
3. On selecting the channels, you will be requested to authorize the channel or enter details depending on the authorization method provided by the respective channels.
4. Authorize your HubSpot account to Glance
5. Once the authorization step is completed, you will be asked for onboarding steps which include selecting your ICP and mapping your list/tags to the goals.
6. Next, drag and drop the lists or tags to their respective goals in the funnel.
7. Click next, and after several minutes (up to an hour in some cases), you'll see the hyper-segments. Select the ones that you want to create a list or segment for. You can also click "Create All" to create all lists corresponding to the hyper-segments in HubSpot.  Alternatively, just turn on "Auto create lists/tags" to create/update all lists corresponding to the hyper-segments whenever they are created or updated.

Hyper-segment updates every week.
8. To view details of the hyper-segment, including our content suggestions, click View & Edit. Change the default
      tag name if needed.

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