Remake Digital Marketing with AI

Be a part of digital marketing revolution, join us in co-creating AI driven insights. Here’s a chance for you to discover hidden opportunities and get actionable insights and things that you really need to know with Glance.

We are looking for companies to co-create marketing insights through AI. If you’re between US$1 Million ARR to US$5 Million ARR or have a marketing spend of US$3,000 or more per month and use Google analytics, then you’d be our ideal company.

Glance Advantage

Build customized insights

Build customized insights for your business with the help of a team of expert marketers, data scientists, and data engineers.

Get answers

Get answers to your most pressing questions such as most relevant customer segments and marketing strategies for your business.

Get free insights

Get free insights for the next 90 days and exclusive discounted price for continued usage.

Our promise

We value confidentiality very highly at Glance. All information you share regarding your marketing will be deleted or handed over to you at the end of this time period. If you choose to continue to use our platform, we will simply integrate this data into your Glance account.

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