Your AI assistant for
Google Analytics

Making marketing decisions more of a science than art

Dashboards can help in learning from data but Glance’s AI-based insights help you know what you don’t know.

Glance is an intelligent marketing assistant that helps you in gaining insights and finding actionable opportunities from your Google Analytics data. All in simple, human language!

Making sense of your marketing data is only a Glance away!

Google Analytics is complex. Digital Marketers do not have the time or resources to dig through its data every day, consolidate, or interpret it in the context of the marketing funnel. Glance’s AI engine does the heavy lifting, and lets you know what you really need to know.

Glance brings you clarity!

Grab Opportunities

With Glance, we can now identify the right opportunities such as conversion options, sign-in, or opt-in recommendations on your site.

Take Action

Glance proactively identifies action items on campaigns, website performance and other leading indicators to deliver marketing success.

Mitigate Risks

Glance watches for trends such as traffic, daily visits, anomalies, and any other risk areas. With Glance, risk mitigation is automated.

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